Common Problems With Automatic Car Door Locks

Do you have an automatic door lock in your automobile? While the doors are convenient to make use of, they have a tendency to create a few issues. The most common issues that they have include:

Insufficient Voltage

If of your door locks is malfunctioning while the other is working well, chances are that your door has insufficient voltage.

 One of the major signs that show that your door has insufficient voltage is the delay of the door to work. When the driver's door switch pops open the door locks, the switch usually makes use of an electrical charge in order to operate each mechanism. You can hire the service of best lock repairs in Chula vista online.

Door Lock Actuator

This is where the actuator wears out. The actuator usually fits inside the locking mechanism and it is made up of a small motor that turns the shaft and gear. Due to the working of the lock, the gear may wear out. In some cases the motor may cease working.

To find out if the issue is brought about by wearing out of the actuator, you ought to remove the door panel and unscrew the cover of the actuator in order to see the part that is not working inside the tool. In the event you are unable to open the panel you ought to take the automobile to your automobile dealer who will identify the defective part and order it for you.


Corrosion usually affects cables that are attached to the manual lock button on the door. The button is then connected to the automatic door lock technique. When the cable is affected by corrosion the door stops working immediately.

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