Find The Cheapest & The Smallest Stun Gun – How?

Stun devices are among the group of nonlethal self defense products offering an alternative to deadly force. Generally speaking self defense products are only meant to offer time to get away get away from a harmful situation and seek help-nothing else.

Stun guns, pepper sprays and teasers have already been utilized by military and police force officers for many years with great success. They've made transformation to the civilian community, largely because they work and are inexpensive.

They got their come from the 1930s when some farmer looked at ways to move his cattle along and invented a cattle prod. They have come a long way since then.

Stun devices depend on a power charge that's conducted through two prongs on the end of the device. The existing from the electrical charge when requested 3 to 5 seconds can cause an assailant to flake out right into a ball. He really can't do whatever else because the electrical charge depletes the body of blood sugars which are required for energy. Thus giving you time to get away and seek help. (Tip: To narrow down your search, visit to gather info on wholesale stun guns combo. )

There is a fresh lipstick stunner with flashlight on the market. Its 3 inches tall and three fourths of an inch in diameter making it the littlest stun gun we carry. It's 950,000 volts and has certainly one of the most used features of all stun guns-the disable pin. This prevents the use of this stun tool against you if it should be taken away. 

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