How to Develop Your Leadership Skills

If you are a manager, chances are you might at some point want to step into a leadership role. Making the move from managing to lead is one of the biggest steps that you will make in your career. So what can you do to develop your leadership skills so that you step into a role ready for success?

Sign up for a leadership development program

One option is to sign up for long informal leadership development program. Many large organizations now have their own programs for the leaders they aspire or have the program delivered on their behalf by an external organization.

Attend workshops

This may range from half a day to three days in length. The key is to find a workshop that has more of a bias towards applications. This theory is useful to know but the real learning comes from putting things into place in a secure environment. You can have your leadership skills workshop at 

Work on a project

Organizations regularly setting up project teams or task forces to either take something to launch, upgrade or update something already in existence or solve a problem. Being a part of these projects not only expand your knowledge but also develop your communication, teamwork and networking skills.

Shadow someone more senior

Shadowing can be very valuable in getting an insight into what life is really like at a senior level. Most people's director-level will open for you to overshadow them as part of your personal development.

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